There are 10 muscles responsible for facial expressions on the face. Unlike other parts of the body, these muscles are attached directly to the skin and each face, the grimace, causes muscle tension and wrinkling of the skin, which over time become fixed. In addition, with age, the skin loses density and flexibility, which makes the face look younger.

Massage will not undo all adverse changes, but it can really work wonders. In rejuvenating massages different techniques are used, for example the reflexological pressure of specific points is combined with patting - as a result, lymphatic stasis and edema disappear, microcirculation improves, thus nourishing and coloring of the skin. Some of these massages are quite strong and even painful. But even just stroking the skin brings pleasant relaxation, the muscles relax, the wrinkles become less visible and soften the features.

How to do a facial massage at home?
Rejuvenating massage is best done in the evening, after careful makeup removal and the application of a nourishing cream. The simplest technique is to make the index finger (or also the middle one) of small circles on the skin in accordance with the course of the muscles - from the center of the face to the outside and slightly upwards.

Massage around the eyes begin from the inner corner, through the upper eyelid, to the outer corner and through the lower eyelid again to the outer corner. Repeat this time, this time squeezing the skin once in a while around the eyes on the orbital line.
Massage the forehead from the line between the eyebrows, moving your fingers up and to the temples at the same time.

Face massage. How to make anti-wrinkle, firming face massage?

Systematically performed face massage improves the condition of the skin and keeps it in good condition. Combined with skilfully selected cosmetics, it visibly captures years.


Face massage should be used daily, with every application of the cream, washing up the make-up, face skin care. Facial massage not only improves the absorption of cosmetics, but also stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves skin tone and has anti-wrinkle properties.